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Leadership speech

Good afternoon, everyone! I am very pleased to meet with friends in Shanghai, first of all, please allow me on behalf of the Financial Services Company, the convening of the forum expressed warm congratulations! For all the friends who have been concerned about, support and participate in the construction of the company's K financial center, to express my heartfelt thanks!

Technological innovation is the driving force of the world economy long-term sustainable development, science and technology and Financial Symbiosis inseparable, a science and technology innovation to the financial industry has brought great opportunities for development, the current Internet plus share economy, intelligent manufacturing as the representative of a new round of technological and industrial revolution just unfolding, new technology, new ideas, new forms of birth Alibaba, apple, Tesla and a number of new industry giants, but also for the development of the financial industry has brought a broad field of investment and returns.

At the same time, the financial industry also with big data, cloud computing, block chain, and other new technology means constant innovation service mode, expand the scope of services, to carry out the practice of Pratt & Whitney and finance, green finance, the service of the real economy and innovation and entrepreneurship development.

On the other hand, the active participation of the financial industry for the development of science and technology provides a powerful impetus, each item of science and technology progress, each kind of commercial maturity have experienced countless times to explore and try, failure and the ensuing great investment faces risks, give maximum support enterprise innovation finance and other financial advisory, risk prevention and control, especially the securities industry almost to serve every family enterprise life cycle.

From the initial angel investment to venture capital, venture capital, to fund acquisitions, as well as financial advisors, and so on, until finally to gallop in the motherboard market, with financial participation, & many ideas to practice, and can ultimately change life, like the Tesla's invention of vertical landing rockets and improve the recycling of rocket and then use.

Current Shanghai is in accordance with the requirements of the central authorities, accelerate the international financial center and has a global influence Kechuang center construction, in order to promote the fusion of technology and financial resources to better last year, we have in accordance with the requirements of the "No. 1 project" of the municipal Party committee, the introduction of the financial support of a central file, from eight aspects proposed 20 specific measures, to further improve the financial service innovation of science and technology financial service system.

This we have also made progress, for example we in Shanghai equity trusteeship Trading Center launched the service of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation in, we're still in the Zhangjiang actively promote within the service area of science and technology enterprises, especially small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises private bank of science and technology, we introduce developed a 50 billion yuan SME financing guarantee fund, other financial institutions in the commercial banks to carry out the loan linkage, insurance company launched a flatlet of guarantee insurance.

In Kechuang center construction process, is inseparable from, including the securities industry, the financial industry enthusiasm investment and actively participate in and Shanghai, we have a sound capital market system. At the same time, in recent years in Shanghai financial institutions, especially the securities company also seize the opportunity of the Internet data, carried out a series of innovation, in promoting economic transformation at the same time, oneself also in the rapid development and achieved positive results. The progress of science and technology has reduced the distance of geography, and the development of finance has made the economy of different regions better fused together.

Today, I am very happy in the forum to see an peers and friends from all over, our other provinces and cities in the field of new economy also has many unique advantages, in the green finance, low carbon finance also has broad space for development, I believe that with financial cooperation around the close integration of potential will be greater, the prospects are very bright, through today and we exchange interaction, we must be able to implement the supply side structural reform, promote economic restructuring and play a greater role. Finally, I wish the forum was successfully held, thank you!